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Into the world of construction Sarj Global embarked modestly and today its an established name to reckon within Middle east. Sarj Global, with its eye for detail and precision has built a niche in the market of construction companies in Middle East with an impressive clientele throughout the whole region.
Our Services in Construction Includes
  • Site Development work including deep excavations, Backfilling,compaction,Grading & Fencing works for industrial plants.
  • Construction of RCC Structural works including raft, Isolated foundation & Structural skeleton works
  • All kind of RCC Retaining walls and Guard Rails
  • Underground & Overhead water tank constructions
  • Industrial Building works-exterior & interior like foundations, structure,plastering,flooring,ceiling and all kinds of windows and doors.
    • Surveying
    • Earthwork
    • Foundation
    • Super Structure
    • Industrial Building & Warehouse
    • Architectural Finish
    • Pipe Rack
    • Plant Road
    • Pavement
    • Landscaping Work
HDPE Lining
SARJ HDPE Lining Division has the reputation as one of the most professional HDPE Lining installation organizations in the industry. More than 3.5 million square meter of liner installed Saudi, our installation crews come highly recommended by some of the most respected engineering firms and general contractors. Mobilizing quickly to your project, our crews will install your liner proficiently and insure its integrity by testing seams.
Plastic Piping
SARJ Plastic piping division offers supply and installation of PVC,UPVC,HDPE,PP,PVDF Piping's. We have all types of machines with different manufacturers suitable for all sizes of pipes. We have enough number of technicians available to execute all quantities of jobs and all technicians are certified by third party #
Customized Plastic Products
Any customized parts can be prepared or machined either in small quantity or in bulk as per the specification or drawing of the customer. Some of the examples are as follows. We have a versatile and extensive product range of thermoplastics that offers you a universal scope of application. Our range of supply is a composition of engineering and high performance plastics. In addition to a numerous standard types, we offer you a wide variety of material modifications, tailored to your specific application. On the basis of these materials, we encompasses the following products
  • Extruded Semi finished products
  • Form polymerized semi finished products
  • Films
  • Extruded profiles
  • Special components, cast
  • Molded products, cast
Fire Proofing
Supply & application of fireproofing to structural steel members, such as Column, Beam & Metal Decking with various range and types of fireproofing material for the structure to maintain the fire ratings required as per the project specification. The material used is cementitious with different densities, epoxy intumescent and thin film intumescent paint. #
Painting & Coating
We deliver a complete range of services to solve all types of corrosion-related problems. These include sandblasting and painting, industrial coatings and linings etc. we’ve developed high-level expertise in the technical aspects of coatings and their application. We will do the heavy lifting when it comes to your industrial painting needs for everything from engines to just about any industrial automation machine or factory equipment you can imagine. We can coat any metal and rubber product with custom-engineered formulations of wet spray, electrostatic powder coating, fluidized bed powder, or dip-spin coating. Coating Systems strives to create custom formulations to help you reach new milestones, create new products, and to make your existing products last longer.
Water Proofing

We are providing Waterproofing Services, We have pioneered in this field with excellent track record with our clients with highly qualified engineers and experienced man power. We are specialists in providing bitumen waterproofing treatment for all types of roofs viz., R.C.C, A.C. Sheet roof, Zinc sheet roof, etc. etc.

Our work is covered by maintenance guarantee for a period of five years. We have executed jobs this nature both in public and private sectors, and is endowed with abundant experience.

Insulation Pipes & Tanks

SARJ Insulation division offers supply and installation of Hot, Cold & Acoustic Insulation to Pipes, Vessels, Equipment’s and HVAC Ducting to meet the requirements of various project specifications with materials like Calcium Silicate, Mineral Wool, Perlite, Aerogel, Cellular Glass etc. in a variety of Metal Jacketing to suit all Pipes, Vessels, Ducts & Tank design works.

SARJ supply and installing a wide range of insulation products, ranging from Polyurethane, Insulating Cement, Rockwool, Calcium Silicate, Needled mat, to high temperature Ceramic Fiber products. Also cladding material which includes Aluminum sheet, Tape, Sealant, Fiber Glass cloth, high temperature cloth, stainless Steel band, Stainless Steel knit and Wire mesh etc.

We have enough number of technicians available to execute all quantities of jobs and all technicians are qualified to execute the job. We provide professional installation of mechanical insulation for all types of mechanical systems, pumps, tanks, and production equipment. From hot oil to domestic water systems, we provide experienced mechanics and furnish appropriate insulation and protective jacketing for each specific application. SARJ will provide only top-quality workmanship performed by trained professionals in a safe working environment.


Building collaboratively ,Culture & Trust

Since our inception, we have developed ongoing relationships based on trust and repeated successful project delivery with quality outcomes for all stakeholders.Our buildings are designed and built to reduce life cycle costings for our clients. We are proud to have built our business by repeatedly delivering on this promise.