We blend our unique products and a wide range of solutions to allow us to offer a customized end to end solution for each project. Early incorporation of our Value Engineering team during the design phase ensures maximum effectiveness. We have a broad experience in all design aspects of GRP / GRV / GRE piping systems. The specific services Future Pipe Industries provides for composite pipe systems include:

  • System Design and Drafting Services
  • Design analysis
  • Translating layout drawings to isometric drawings
  • Stress & flexibility analysis
  • Surge / water-hammer and fluid flow analysis.
  • Seismic analysis.
  • Hydraulic calculations
  • Design of pipe supports, anchors, guides and thrust blocks.
  • Dynamic and static analysis and vibration prediction control.
  • FEM analysis for pressure vessels, nozzles and piping components (where applicable).
  • Spool Prefabrication
  • Site Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Specialized Manpower and Tooling Supply
  • Sourcing Supply for any fiberglass piping system